Arcadia: The Golden Era - Chapter 1 - ShamelessSelfInsert (2024)

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slu*ts and studs, that was all that remained.

Life had been a constant struggle, with food and drink and war demanding the full attention of man for all but a handful of moments saved for the preservation of the species. The pressure had done humanity well; the strong and the swift and the cunning had proliferated. Humanity fought and fought well, discovering new means of driving back the darkness: technology,statecraft, and even magic. And by arcane means, a lucky few had been blessed beyond all others.

But these blessings had worked too well. As the monsters and demons that plagued Remnant were driven by these new powers into half remembered fairy tales, as fallow fields began to bear fruit, mankind entered an era of prosperity and peace.

But the lust to conquer did not vanish with their enemies, it merely migrated: behind closed doors, on secret battlefields, in the tainted bedrooms of fallen brides. The appetites of the blessed grew so ravenous that all fell before them, until their rivalries brought about their own undoing. The scions of arcane blood cursed one another, so that all but a fraction of their children would not bear their gifts. But though the light would fade, the final spark would never die. So long as there were sexy little slu*ts in this world there would be an Arc stud to pass on the flame to the next.

Images flashed through Jaune Arc’s mind. They were not dreams, because he would make them a reality. Busty blondes, beautiful brunettes, ravishing redheads, all slaves to their own lust, objects for his pleasure, c*nts to be moulded to his co*ck. Some he recognized, others he didn’t- names hardly seemed important. He saw a celebrity take his creampie right before a charity ball, with fans and donors seeing her torn dress and dazed eyes. He saw a mother’s outrage as she caught him breeding her daughter morph into fear and want as he grabbed her waist and dragged her into bed with them. He saw a trio of white haired nymphs all worshiping every inch of him with their tongues, jockeying for position on his massive member.

He saw a silver eyed girl letting out cute little moans as he pounded the living daylights out of her. She had pale, creamy skin, and feathery reddish black hair, with a petite yet curvy body that was dwarfed by his own. He had her pinned effortlessly under his weight and felt every minute jiggle as she futilely tried to match his powerful thrusts. She breathily moaned his name, with a tone that sounded sensual and innocent all at once.

“Jaune.” She cried. “I’m getting close.”

“Me too, ʎqnɹ” he grunted, her name fading out of memory as soon as it left his lips. Still, he had said it, and it lingered on the tip of his tongue. For some reason this one seemed special. No matter.

Her silver eyes widened to the size of moons as he expanded to an impossible size inside her.

“Wait, you can’t!” She said desperately. “I’ll get pregna-”

Her voice failed her as he shoved his mouth over hers in a bruising kiss, before slamming his hips into hers with the force of a jackhammer.

“That’s the idea, slu*t.”

It was the eyes that appealed to him the most. Long, sleek hair, a toned body, generous busts and round asses, all were well and good, and he had certainly taken his share. But the eyes were the window into the soul, and as he laid claim to it Jaune liked to watch every emotion that shimmered across those beautiful little pools. The moment when his prey realized what had been inevitable from the beginning, the price this sex god charged his faithful, the gift from which there was no escape and no reprieve. It was sublime.

The dance varied from woman to woman, which was why he could never get tired of it. Turquoise eyes widened in shock and denial, lilac turned red with rage, bargaining baby blues offering him the world and back, which he’d happily take after he claimed his prize, amber eyes wide in pleading desperation. The war between a slu*t’s body and mind was adorable as well; the feeble protests coming from her lips as her puss* milked him for all he was worth, the pushing and cursing and kicking while her hips unconsciously ground into his. The indignant little squeaks these self proclaimed lionesses made while an alpha pinned them down and made them beg for his babies.

And they always broke. They were bouncing on his balls for a reason after all, even if the thin veneer of civilization didn’t want them to admit it. But he made them. Whatever the symphony of emotions was on their face, whatever the insecurities or commitments or dreams that they clung to, he would tear them apart. He would pound and pound away until they gave in, smirk as they realized they had no hope of resisting his body when they couldn’t even resist their own. He would mock them as they renounced marriage, career and dignity, all for the honor of riding his long, fat co*ck. He would f*ck and f*ck until even the blackest hate had been bent into the abject bliss of a lust or love addled slu*t, he didn’t care which. And only then, at the moment of total submission, would he cum.

But the silver eyed girl didn’t do any of that. He saw fear in her eyes, shock and hurt, but also… acceptance. And something else.

“Okay.” She whispered, meeting his mouth with the gentlest of kisses before everything went white.

Their bodies were pulled together by the singular urge to survive, to transcend beyond death in the bodies of those yet to be. It was the most powerful force in the universe. How could she resist it?

How could he resist?

“KID!” Qrow cried. “WAKE THE f*ck UP!”

Jaune blinked his eyes open as the drunk old fool slammed his fists against the door. He wearily looked at the clock. 4:58 a.m.

“Qrow, what the f*ck?” Jaune murmured, forcing himself out of bed and walking to the door. He grumbled incoherently to himself. “Do you have any idea what time it is?”

“Your alarm'ys for 5:30.” Qrow replied smugly, leaning into his companion to stay upright. Clover sent Jaune an apologetic look.

“How do you even know that?” Jaune asked.

“Oh, i know all abohut fyou.” Qrow said, chuckling.

“Qrow keeps track of where everyone in his buildings are at any given time so he can pass out somewhere he won’t be disturbed.” Clover clarified.

“Pit's gooad too sbe bthe kiing” Qrow said.

Qrow Branwen was a bit of a local legend. At 35 he had won second place in Vale’s lottery- as he put it “Bad luck for everyone else means good luck for me.” He wasn’t crazy rich, but rich enough to buy his own bar and gym, the two places where he split nearly all of his time. Semi-retired, semi-respected business owner, total prick.

Qrow had a lean, impressive physique, made even more impressive by the fact that he seemed to subsist entirely on alcohol. At 6’2, he stood just a bit shorter than Clover. He was wearing his trademarked gray sports coat and black pants combo, which would look dapper if not for the liquor stains running down its length.

Clover let out a long suffering sigh as he helped his boss into the room, ‘Qrow’s Nest’ t-shirt flexing with his own muscles.

“I was having a good dream.” Jaune groaned piteously.

“...Apparently.” Clover said, blushing.

Jaune looked down. The blue footie pajamas he was wearing did nothing to hide his monstrous erection or the growing stain at the front of his crotch. ‘Fuuuuuu-’

“Aim't you a luttle old ro wet yoirsElf?” Qrow said, unimpressed.

“Why isn’t he still at the bar?” Jaune asked, as the space barely adequate for 1 person was filled with 3.

Clover gestured at the drunken man, who let out an enthusiastic whoop.

Jaune looked nonplussed. “ I mean why isn’t he sleeping there?” Both of Qrow’s buildings had an office/kitchen/bedroom nestled down in the basem*nt.

“Qrow tried to cop a feel off Winter Schnee.” Clover explained. “ We thought it would be best for him to vacate the premises.”

Jaune’s brow furrowed in confusion. “What was a Schnee doing slumming it up at the Qrow’s Nest?”

“Ask her mother.” Clover replied, moving Qrow into the bed. Qrow’s eyes nearly shot out of his head as he forced himself back, slamming into the sink.

“Oh, fuuuck the hellll nooooooo!” He cried.

“Qrow-” Clover shouted, “what are you doing, you need to sleep this off!”

“Ah’m naht slooping derr,” Qrow slurred. “thA kid soiled it!!”

Jaune shook his head in embarrassment. “Look, you can sleep on the floor. We have plenty of yoga mats.”

“Jaune, take off the sheets.”

The blonde gave a sideways look to Clover.

“The stains are fresh and your… nightclothes seem to have taken the brunt of it. If we hurry they won’t set in any deeper.”

Jaune sighed. “It’s fine now.” He said. “I was going to do the sheets anyway, after breakfast, but I don’t think having Qrow in there is the best idea.” The man reeked of booze and whether or not he was going to vomit was an open question.

“Do it!” Qrow shouted.

“You’ll stink up the mattress-”

“ki'm noht sleeping in yrou f*cking cum.”

Jaune sighed as he stripped the bed. “ If you barf on my mattress, Qrow, I swear to god-”

“WhAtever” Qrow said, as he plopped down on the bare bed. “Nice and clean.”

‘Joke’s on you asshole.’ Jaune thought to himself. ‘I have wet dreams every night.’ A contaminated mattress was the least of Jaune’s worries. Clover put one hand on the lights while making a come hither gesture. The blond followed the older man out of the room as the old crow drifted off.

“Are you gonna be alright?” Clover said.

Jaune rolled his eyes. “Oh, now you ask.” He said bitterly.

Clover stared at him, not angry, just insistent.

“...I have some gym clothes in my locker upstairs.” Jaune said to him. “ I’ll need to get breakfast and my school stuff in a couple hours.”

“Qrow’ll be out like a light by then.” Clover said. “Just give him some space for a little bit.” Clover looked up at Jaune. “...You’ve gotten taller.”

“No thanks to you assholes.” Jaune muttered, keenly missing his extra 32 minutes of sleep.

Luckily for both of them, Clover had the patience of a saint. “If you don’t mind me asking, why have you been getting up so early?”

Jaune equivocated. “I just… like working out in the mornings. Before the rush, you know?”

Outside the office he lived in were heavy weights- barbells and dumbbells and bench presses and squat racks. By 5 the gym was technically open, but only a few of the hardcore early birds would come in. The good looking women typically came in later and kept to the brighter floors above instead of the dimly lit testosterone filled pit in the basem*nt.

Jaune had been having increasingly vivid dreams and his sex drive was getting more and more out of control with each passing day. By getting up when no women were around and pushing his body to its absolute limits, the pain and exhaustion would keep his libido in check for at least a little while. Lately, even that had started to fail him.

At 17, Jaune didn’t fully understand the connections between exercise and hormones, and that so long as his body was able to recover from his punishment it would grow back bigger and stronger, making him look less like a scraggly teenager and more like a greek god, with an appetite to match. More testosterone meant an even bigger sex drive, which meant more strenous exercise to force it down, which meant bigger muscles, and the vicious cycle continued. Jaune was essentially trying to put out a fire with gasoline.

“I can tell.” Clover said appreciatively, giving the old footie pajamas a second look. “ You know, the baggy clothing you like to wear really does not do you justice. If you just-”

“Please stop.” Jaune moaned.

Not only was it incredibly annoying to be lectured on fashion at 5 in the morning, but Jaune suspected that Clover might be gay. The man had never been anything but professional, and if he had to guess he probably carried a bit of a torch for ‘Winter Schnee Ass Grabbing’ Qrow Branwen, but Jaune

a). Did not want to lead by far his nicest co-worker on in any way, and
b). Was viscerally disgusted at anything resembling another man checking him out

Clover shook his head. “Youth is wasted on the young.”

Jaune got to the locker room and began stripping down, before remembering Clover was there and moving his eyes between him and the door.

“Fine.” Clover said. “ I can tell when I’m not wanted. Just remember, Qrow and I both owe you a favor for this. All you ever need to do is ask.”

The initial irritation of his morning had faded enough for some guilt to set in. “Hey, Clover-” Jaune started, as the man was halfway out the door. “ Sorry I’ve been kind of a dick today.”

The older man chuckled good naturedly. “ Perfectly understandable. Don’t worry about it.”

Jaune then dipped into the shower for a quick rinse before throwing on a hoodie and some sweatpants.

He had damn good reason to wear such baggy clothes. For one thing, they did a serviceable job hiding his frequent erections during the day. For another, working out in them worked up a sweat even faster, which helped exhaust him efficiently.

When Jaune made his way back into the pit, only a few older guys were there. He claimed an empty bench and rack and started working.

Bench press, 12 reps. Squat, 12 reps, Pull ups, 50 reps. Dumbbell overhead press, 15 reps. Flys, 15 reps.

The burn was intense, but easily eclipsed by the ancestral memory of warm puss*.

“sh*t.” Jaune muttered, cutting the rest time between sets to almost nothing. Sweat poured down his brow as the iron fluttered up and down. Something was seriously wrong.

‘It feels like f*cking feathers’

He upped the weight, more than any rational person ever should. He started benching 450 lbs. For reps.

“...Kid’s going hard.”

Jaune ignored the voices of the growing number of gym bros. Unfortunately he couldn’t ignore the thoughts inside his head. ‘If this is 450lbs, imagine how easy it would be to toss around a slu*t. Considering what one that’s worth f*cking weighs, I could manhandle 3 or 4 at a time-’

‘Shut. The f*ck. Up.’ Jaune thought, dropping the weight back onto the rack in disgust.

This wasn’t like him. He had grown up with 7 sisters, and his mother had certainly raised him better than this. Hell, his friends would smack the sh*t out of him if they ever heard any of the things he called them in his internal monologue.

‘slu*ts’ seemed to be the favorite, but ‘bitches, co*cksuckers, cum guzzlers, whor*s, tarts, pieces of ass, bimbos, c*nts and slam pieces’ all seemed to pop up from time to time, replacing ‘Yang, Ruby, Nora, Pyrrha’ and plenty of other nice young women he knew and liked. Their parents and teachers got similar treatment, with ‘MILF’ being thrown in for the ones who caught his fancy and ‘useless, dried up hag’ for those who didn’t. It made sense, he supposed. After all, they existed for his pleasure, so if they couldn’t even perform as eye candy why should he treat them like they were worth any-

“What is wrong with you?!” He shouted angrily.

The entire room went silent.

Jaune felt the eyes of over a dozen men on him as his consciousness expanded beyond his outburst. The Jaune of even a few weeks ago would have been flushed and stammering out apologies. The new one was mad dogging everyone.

“I thought you were doing pretty good.” A stout man of about 5’8 said awkwardly. “But, if you’re done…”

The man was balding and soft around the edges- he was a powerlifter past his prime, and though his strength was still there it was obvious just looking at his face that he was hardly chiseled.

“Knock yourself out.” Jaune said, not even bothering to take off any weight and leaving the bench covered in his sweat. As he walked over to the only deadlifting bar that was open, his conscience caught up with him. That was Mr. Burns. He had talked to him a few times when he was first starting out, and the man had been incredibly jovial and friendly. Hell, he had helped Jaune learn the basics of his routine, used his experience to spot issues before they could turn into crippling injuries. Basic gym etiquette demanded that you prep the equipment for the next person. Jaune had practically spat in the man’s face.

For a second his better nature told him to turn around, help the man and salvage the situation. Then he remembered the eyes of all the men around them, glaring at him. He wanted to cower and curl up into himself. ‘Yeah, I know, I’m an asshole.’

Instead he stood proud and flitted his eyes over all them, like they weren’t even worth his time. He had made his decision and he wouldn’t degrade himself by going back on it in front of these weaklings.

There was a darkness growing inside of him, and if it was bad for the women in his life it was nothing compared to his attitude towards his fellow men. A woman was a sex object; to the extent he was attracted to her she held some value, to the extent he wasn’t he disregarded her existence. But a man was at best a tool, and at worst a threat. So they had better not cross him.

Checking out Blake Belladonna’s ass was at least a fairly normal part of being a teenage male at Beacon, but when Russel Thrush had decided to hit on Ruby by comparing the two girl’s assets, Jaune had idly begun wondering just how much force it would take to snap his neck.

Not much.

That had scared him sh*tless.

It wasn’t as if Jaune was like this all the time. To most of his peers he still came off as the good natured goof that some of them had known since pre-school. But this aggression, this desire, this… hunger, was gnawing at his insides more and more every day. The part of him that was still sane, kind and decent was horrified that the facade might crack, that the people he loved might see the monster lurking just beneath the surface.

Maybe it had already happened.

Jaune had mindlessly worked his way through several sets, throwing on more and more plates as his thoughts continued to drift. Finally, he reached a weight that took almost everything out of him. His back rippled, his legs sank into the ground, his wrists felt like they might snap under the pressure as his arms were pulled out of his sockets. With a great heave and a mighty roar, he forced himself straight up, dragging the weight with him. He looked into the mirror and saw a towering mountain, face gone red from the strain, with veins popping out on his forehead. For one glorious moment, everything evaporated except him, and the iron.

“Holy f*cking sh*t.”

Jaune once again had the whole weight room looking at him in astonishment. Jaune set the weight down.

‘Did I just lift 800 lbs?’

“Goddamn, son!” Mr. Burns said proudly. “What are they feeding you these days?”

Jaune took the offered hand and let the other man shake it. After being prickly the whole morning the least he could do was allow for some camaraderie. But inside he was screaming.

He should not be capable of that. He wasn’t capable of that… until he was? Gods, how long had it been since he’d actually thought about what he was doing during his workouts? The whole point was to stop thinking, to let the beast wear itself out so he could function in society for a few hours. Instead, he now had the most experienced strongmen in town looking at him like he had grown a second head. Shock and pride… and fear. Primal, animal fear.

‘I’ve gotta get out of here.’ He thought desperately.

“I, uh, think I threw my back out a little.” Jaune lied with a wince. “I’m gonna… stop for the day.”

Mr. Burns shook his head in disapproval. “This is why you wear a belt, kid.” He said. “f*ck up and you’ll take yourself out of the game for months, or years. You could really hurt yourself.”

“I’ll remember.” Jaune said with a plastered smile. “Thanks for the tip.”

As Jaune walked away, he heard Burns mutter “See that stud? I taught him everything he knows.”

For someone who supposedly had a bad back, Jaune made his way up the stairs remarkably quickly.

‘I’ll have to wait in the lobby until the pit clears out, before I can slip back in and get my sh*t.’He looked at the clock. 6:32. ‘There’s rain in the forecast, so I’ll have to swing by the Xiao Long house, but I can pick up the gang around 8 and still make it.’

“Hey, Jaune.” A friendly voice called.

The blond looked over to see Amber Bailey, another of his coworkers, manning the front desk. A part timer and college senior, Amber was a trim young maiden of average height with caramel skin, brown hair and light brown eyes. She had a modest but well cared for figure, a sweet smile and a friendly demeanor. She was an easy 8.

And all his straining downstairs had proven totally useless, because his blood sang as he looked her spandex clad body over.

Wreck. Her.

“Amber!” He said, trying to keep his voice from dropping too many notes. “I didn’t know you were scheduled for today.”

“I wasn’t.” She groused. “Qrow was supposed to be on this morning, but Clover gave me a last minute call saying it was an emergency, so I popped in. I better be getting overtime for this.”

Once again Jaune cursed his boss, as his eyes raked over the fertile young woman’s form.

She smirked with thinly disguised feminine pride “I see you’ve noticed the new uniform. They say it’s sleek, modern and form fitting.”

Jaune tried to keep his eyes from wandering. “Yeah, cool. But do we even have gym colors? Reminds me more of your old style.” 'f*ck, it’s like a second skin.'

Amber shrugged. “I guess it’s not really a uniform, but Qrow’s partnered with some up and coming sports gear company and we’re supposed to start pushing their crap. He helped get them a contract with Beacon, so you can expect to see this lovely little logo a bit more often.”

Jaune was less concerned about the logo and more overwhelmed by the thought of it splayed over the asses of the finest Beacon slu*ts every day. Weiss, Blake, Pyrrha, Yang, Ruby… Nora, if he was being honest, not to mention those hot little senior slu*ts Coco and Velvet. Perfect bodies on display with nothing left to the imagination.

“Not really.” He choked out. “ I get all my workouts in here so I’m not taking gym at school.”

“You think it’d be an easy A for you.” Amber shrugged. “But what do I know?”

Jaune pretended to think for a moment. “Pretty much nothing.” He joked. 'You hot, empty headed little whor*.'

Amber stuck her tongue out at him teasingly. “Well, how 'bout you come on back and help me unpack the new shipment? You’ve gotta start wearing this stuff too.”

A million thoughts ran through Jaune’s head about what he and Amber could get up to in the back. Alone. He ruthlessly crushed them.

“No thanks.” He said. “My shift doesn’t start until the evening. I’m off the clock. I just live here.”

Amber rolled her eyes. “Whatever, kid.” She said walking over to him. “ Sooner or later you’ll learn how to be a team player.”

Time slowed to a crawl as Amber’s hand slowly and playfully moved to slap his rear. It was a little risque but something that happened all the time in locker rooms. It could easily be played off as a light hearted joke.


Amber let out a sound between gasp and a moan as the force of the impact knocked her forward into the blond’s chest. Jaune had taken the opportunity to retaliate, slapping her ass hard, and watching with crude satisfaction as it jiggled under the force. His hand didn’t pull away either, firm fingers digging into the plump flesh until they’d leave bruises.

Up close Amber realized how foolhardy she’d been. She’d thought of Jaune as a cute kid, someone she could joke with and flirt with without consequence, but she hadn’t been blind to how fast he’d been growing up, into a handsome young man. But he was too young for her, she was still in control. Now he stood head and shoulders above her, blue eyes burning with lust, features hard and sharp. As he pulled her closer in she could smell his shirt, soaked with his sweat, and the pheromones made her mind melt.

Jaune squeezed harder, and this time the cute little slu*t definitely let out a moan, a breathy, wanton sound. ‘He’s so strong’, she thought dimly. Amber’s face went red, as nearing footsteps came to assess the damage.

“Maybe someday.” Jaune said throatily. Then he released her as fast as he grabbed her. “Gotta go. I’ve still got some of my workout left to finish. See you on Thursday, Amber!”

“J-J-J-aau” she whined, but faster than she could blink the adonis had vanished. And while Jaune went outside to sprint himself to death and agonize over his loss of control, all he had left behind was a hot little c*nt wondering why daddy had left her.

Jaune ran suicide sprints until he couldn’t breathe. Then he hopped in the pool and did lap after lap until he nearly drowned. The pool heater had been broken for months and the water felt like it was filled with ice. That, at least, finally put down his erection.

‘Stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid!’

Finally, he made his way into the locker room, stripping out of his thoroughly soaked clothing.

He looked at himself in the mirror, really looked in the mirror, for the first time in months, and he didn’t recognize himself.

He looked like some character out of a Spruce Willis movie, or some Mistrali action cartoon which was totally respectable to watch on Saturday mornings. Jaune had always been fairly tall, but now he was noticeably taller than Qrow and Clover, and almost everyone at school, for that matter. His body was covered in muscle, and he straddled the line between ‘jacked’ and ‘cut’. Broad shoulders and arms with bulging veins surrounded a wide chest which led into a v-tapered torso, with powerful legs and glutes grounding the presentation. Jaune didn’t skip leg day. His abs weren’t as defined as someone like Sun’s, but he had the beginnings of an Adonis belt and a 10 pack, and it wouldn’t take too much tweaking of his routine to make them really pop-

‘Stop marveling. Start analyzing.’

“Hey, kid.” A voice called out.

Jaune shook himself out of his reverie. “Can I help you?” He asked diplomatically.

The man before him looked to be in his mid 30s, though the acne criss crossing his body suggested otherwise. The man looked strong, but there was an… unnatural quality to his physique. “What kind of juice are you on?”

“Excuse me?” Jaune asked indignantly.

The man looked at him angrily, before his eyes widened in understanding. He stripped of his clothes and said “ I ain’t wearing a wire or nothing, you can check the pile if you want. I just wanna know.” He looked over Jaune’s physique. “It’s working wonders.”

“I’m not on anything.” Jaune shot back. ‘At least, I don’t think I am.’

“Bullsh*t.” The man said. “I’ve seen you come in here for a while. You expect me to believe you put on 4 inches vertical and 50 lbs of muscle in a few months? Naturally? I can barely believe you f*cking did it at all.”

“Well, believe it.” Jaune said. “ I’m a growing young man and I guess I got lucky.”

“f*cking hell.” The roid user mumbled. “Next you’ll tell me you’re the next Mason f*cking Arc.” The blond’s blood went cold. Jaune slipped into a robe and out of the bathroom before his fellow gym rat thought to look for a family resemblance.

Mason Arc had been an unrivaled athlete, a once in a generation talent still talked about as one of the greatest of all time. A real rags to riches story, he rose from nothing and set unbroken records that lasted to this day, beloved by women and fans and the press. In retirement he seemed to have the golden touch with his investments, securing wealth and comfort for his wife and daughters. And Jaune had half his genes. For his entire life, his father had been an insurmountable measure of manhood, whom he could never surpass, leaving people in open awe at how Jaune could have sprung from his seed. He hadn’t considered it from that angle, but was it so unreasonable to think that maybe his sire had gone through something similar to become the man he was today? At the very least, if there was anyone he could ask-

He dismissed the thought as soon as it came up.

Jaune forced a few friendly waves as he walked past some regulars on his way to the office. As he cracked open the door he heard the faint sound of Qrow snoring.

The snoring was good proof that his boss was still breathing, because the drunk was sleeping on his own face. With a long suffering sigh, Jaune grabbed his shoulder and flipped the man onto his side, before picking a pillow off the floor and pushing it into his chest to help prop him up. Qrow grumbled incoherently but kept his eyes closed as he wrapped his arms around the soft, plushy rectangle.

Jaune looked at him with a melancholic smile. “I don’t suppose I can ask you what the hell’s going on.”

He poured out a cup of oatmeal and dropped a few eggs into a pot, before pouring water into both and setting them over the stove top. Then he started lazily munching on an apple. ‘If I hurry I can make it with a half hour to spare and ask Glynda a few questions before the quiz today.’ His constant fatigue had lessened the strength of his lust at the cost of making everything more difficult to focus on. ‘If I flunk again Miss Goodwitch is not gonna stop riding me about it, and not the way I want her to either.’ His lust was weakened, not gone. Jaune doubted that it was physically possible for a male to think about Glynda Goodwitch without getting at least a little horny.

Jaune scarfed down his breakfast as soon as it was finished. Then he rinsed his dishes off in the sink, before looking back at Qrow in irritation. ‘Don’t know why I bother keeping things nice when you’re around.’

He shouldn’t rag on Qrow so much. He gave reasonable hours and room and board on top of minimum wage, and for all his foibles he genuinely loved his friends and family. Not to mention, before the whole ‘gym and bar owner’ shtick he had spent some time in Vale’s Secret Service and quote unquote ‘seen some sh*t.’


“Who gets so trashed that they get thrown out of their own bar?” Jaune muttered.

Qrow smirked. “f*cking legends.”

Jaune’s eyes narrowed. “How long have you been awake?”

Qrow winced. “ I haven’t kept track.” He said. “...Why are you so loud?”

Jaune rolled his eyes, before pouring the drunkle a glass of water.

“Beer.” Qrow whined.

“I don’t have any.” Jaune deadpanned.

“Why not?”

“Because I’m 17 and the only one who lives here.”

“You’re a bachelor living alone and you have no beer. How are you such a f*cking stiff?”

“First off, I have no idea how I would even-” Jaune said, before sighing. “Here, just drink this. It’ll make you feel a little less like death.”

“Whatever.” Qrow mumbled, forcing the liquid down at first, before recognizing how thirsty he was and downing the whole cup in a single gulp.

“Slow down, you’ll make yourself sick.” Jaune said, filling up the cup again.

Qrow rolled his eyes before taking slow, measured sips. “Don’t you have like, school, or some sh*t?”

“Yeah. I guess I do.” Jaune said, moving under the bed to get his book bag and his casual clothes. “I’m supposed to pick up your nieces in about 20 minutes.”

Qrow grimaced. “ I’d bet you’d just love to pick them up, you sick little f*ck.”

Jaune grinned. ‘Drunk Qrow knows what’s up. Even though he has no idea what I’m talking about.’

“Sure I would. Especially since they’re asking me for it.” Jaune said, enjoying his double entendre.

Qrow, apparently, was not, as the image of Jaune doing anything with his precious little girls was enough to trigger intense nausea, and since Jaune was kneeling right in front of him it hit the blond boy right in the face.

Yang Xiao Long was a patient young woman. Sure, not everyone would agree with that assessment, and she was the first to admit that she had a hell of a temper, but it took a lot to get her going. Waiting 30 minutes for her ride when her motorbike was sitting right there was a lot.

The only reason she and Ruby were stuck was that her mother insisted that taking a motorcycle to school was ‘unsafe’. Yang had lobbied hard to get her baby, and she was a good driver. She could get Ruby to school no problem. But Summer Rose was as stubborn as her adoptive daughter. They had a compromise, which was iron law in the land of Xiao Long. If the forecast hinted at even the possibility of rain, Yang and Ruby were to beg a ride off their friendly neighborhood Arc.

Of course, her father had then jumped in to say that he thought getting into a strange boy’s car every other morning was unsafe, but by that point the women in the house had already come to a decision and were in no mood for last minute negotiations.

As her baby sister looked anxiously at the clock, Yang’s anger simmered. Dad could have taken them to school, since he, you know, taught there, but he liked to go early in the morning to get all his paperwork out of the way, and Yang valued her beauty sleep. Their mother taught at an elementary school in the opposite direction of Beacon.

“Vomit boy’s not picking up his phone.” Yang growled.

“...What if something’s wrong?” Ruby asked. Yang sighed. Of course, Ruby wasn’t this worried about being tardy. She was too kind for that.

“If there isn’t something wrong with him now, there will be.” Yang said. The sh*t she would catch from her teacher parents if she was late, or god forbid, skipped, would be monumental, and she wouldn’t let that slide lightly. For a second she considered just breaking the agreement before thunder filled the room and the storm clouds in the window darkened. “sh*t.” She muttered. It wasn’t fun riding Bumblebee in the rain. Everything got soaked, brakes stopped working as well, visibility went straight down the toilet- Yang wasn’t so stubborn as to deny that mom had some valid points. ‘You’d better be dead or dying, Jaune.’ she thought to herself bitterly as her only option took his time getting there.

As soon as the Arc mobile pulled into her driveway Yang wished she could take it back.

Yang rushed into the passenger seat, calling shotgun, as always, and slugged her fellow blond in the shoulder. “You’re late.”

Jaune turned to her with such a hollow, dead look in his eyes that it made her want to bear hug him and apologize for everything wrong with the world. Instead she settled for a sardonic grin. “Rough morning?” She asked.

“I don’t want to talk about it.” He droned. “Ever.”

“Yang.” Ruby scolded, as she slipped into one of the back seats. “You can’t just hit people.”

The blonde shrugged. “ Want me to kiss it better?” Without even waiting for an answer she leaned in and brushed her lips against his arm.

Jaune flinched.

Ruby tutted, and began chatting away, which was good, because it allowed Yang to sink into her chair without raising too much attention. Whatever Ruby thought, Yang knew she hadn’t hit him that hard- yet her faintest touch had him recoiling in pain. Yang gazed into her own reflection as rain began to patter down onto the glass, streaking down the mirror image of her face.

Within a few minutes, they had reached the street where Lie Ren and Nora Valkyrie lived. Ren made his way to the car, slowly and sensibly, under the protection of a fine umbrella. Nora booked it from the side of the street, without much care for the heavy rain, jumping in as Ren held the door open for her.

“Jaune-Jaune, what took you so long?” Nora asked petulantly. Jaune said nothing, and just kept driving. “ Aw, don’t be like that.”

Nora valiantly kept pestering the driver about his morning while valiantly ignoring how much the rain had caused her white top to cling to her skin, giving the entire car an eyeful, which Ren and Jaune both seemed to appreciate. Ren was a master of hiding this sort of thing but when tit* of that quality are on display right next to you it was kind of hard not to take a few peeks. Jaune was even more discrete with this morning’s walking corpse routine but Yang could follow his eyes looking through the rearview mirror. Nora smiled as she turned all of her attention to Ren, who Yang suspected the whole wet t-shirt spectacle was put on for. Normally Jaune was the less reticent of the two boys, so even though Nora enjoyed pestering Ren more there would be a few minutes of back and forth before she switched targets. Today getting Jaune to talk was getting blood from a stone, so she pivoted all the sooner.

Ren listened politely while Nora chattered on about her dreams, while Ruby kept making small talk with Jaune, with the tall blond making the appropriate grunts at the appropriate times. Yang was the odd one out, uncharacteristically quiet. This was Ruby’s crowd, not hers.

She liked them all. Ruby was her sister and one of her favorite people since forever, so that helped, but Ren was a very relaxed and down to earth guy, and Nora was such a genuine and quirky ball of energy that she was just refreshing to be around. Plus, Ren never made any passes at her and Nora was one of the few girls confident enough in her own assets not to be intimidated by Yang, so that smoothed things over even more. She happily flitted in and out of their circle, but she was acutely aware of her status as 5th wheel.

Ren and Nora went back way before they had met anyone else at Beacon. How far back no one else knew, precisely. And Jaune had been Ruby’s best friend since her first day of kindergarten.

Once upon a time, he was Yang’s.

It started out simply enough. Ruby was a gifted girl who clung to her older sister more than anything, and after many tears and tests she had been allowed to enter school two years early. Maybe that had been a mistake- Ruby was smart enough to keep up with the class but that didn’t change that she was 3 and the others were 5. She was small and weak, and everyone felt the need to pick on the baby, who still wore her blanket as a little red hood. So Yang fought them off, and on it went until recess when an awkward blond invited them over to play.

‘You’re really brave to protect your sister like that.’ he had said.

Ruby, who hadn’t said an unprompted word all morning, shouted ‘Yang’s the bestest!’ and Yang had gone pink, muttering that it was just what big sisters did. The boy had nodded.

‘Sisters are great.’ He said. ‘I’ve got 7.’ Seven, Yang had thought, counting it out on her fingers. That was so many.

‘How do you keep track of them all?’ She asked, with wonder in her voice.

The boy smiled. ‘Practice.’ He said, puffing out his chest. ‘ My name’s Jaune, by the way.’ He said. ‘Short, sweet, rolls off the tongue. Ladies love it.’

Ruby had blinked. ‘Why did you say it all weird like that?’

Jaune had blinked right back. ‘I uh, don’t know. Dad says I’ve got to work on some lines. I worked on that one for days. Girls are supposed to like them, he said that was important.’ He looked at the sisters eagerly. ‘Did you?’

Yang giggled, pulling him in for a noogie. ‘It was okay.’

The next few years were a wonderful blur. In the ever shifting politics of the playground, Yang, Ruby and Jaune had been a solid bloc. They built pillow forts together at nap time, shared snacks at lunch, Jaune had backed Yang up in the fights she picked for her sister’s honor. It became a running joke among the other kids that Yang and Jaune were Ruby’s real Mom and Dad, something that had been really funny until Jaune had introduced the pair to his parents as his wife and daughter. What was worse was he also said it in front of her parents, something that they wouldn’t let her live down to this day. Yang wouldn’t talk to him for a week, mostly because she was reduced to a blushing mess every time mom asked if her husband was coming over for dinner.

Not that Ruby had ever been content as the junior partner in their relationship. The little girl had always pushed herself to keep up with them, though Jaune was always willing to give her a piggyback ride should her legs give out. So was Yang, not that Ruby cared. Yang never begrudged her sister her new friendship- it had been good for her.

Jaune had existed as a happy medium between the two of them. He was able to get Ruby out of her shell, and talk Yang down from some of her tantrums. He was one of the only boys willing to indulge Yang’s tomboyish playfighting- 5 older sisters meant he had already lost to a lot of girls, and he was at least willing to try. Not to say he couldn’t be a little sh*t sometimes, with his constant pigtail pulling and blanket stealing, and his ever so fragile ego. The three had sworn each other off half a dozen times, only to sit at the same table by the following Tuesday. ‘Everyone else sucks worse.’ Yang had deflected, the second time this happened. By the third they had stopped making excuses.

Some things changed but others stayed the same. As they grew up, more eyebrows were raised at the mention of the friend’s sleepovers, until Dad finally put a stop to it in middle school. But still, it had been fun. Jaune could always be a bit of a sad sack, but he had also had an adventurous streak a mile wide back in the day. It had been his plan to sneak into the carnival and onto all the rides they were too short for, and it had actually worked until he had gotten sick like a dog and given them away. It was his distraction that let the trio stay up past midnight in the third grade, and if Yang and Jaune had nightmares from the horror movie Ruby had picked out they certainly weren’t going to tell her. And it had been Jaune who sketched out their 5th grade graduation prank, although Ruby had worked out the details and Yang had done most of the heavy lifting.

Nowadays, though, it seemed like that part of him was under lock and key, and there had been a certain sadness that pervaded the blond young man at all times. Ever since… well, there weren’t a lot of people Yang really hated, but those f*ckers topped that list pretty easily.

High school started right after Jaune had lost everything and right after Yang’s figure had really blossomed. He had gone from golden boy to reject and she had gone from tomboy to tit* Galore, so she had shot straight to the top of the pecking order and he sank right to the bottom. Not that Yang had given a sh*t, but as Jaune drew further into himself he became almost impossible for her to reach.

Yang was a tactile person, always had been. She had always greeted her best friend with a cross between a hug and a tackle, but when she wasn’t trying to wrestle she would brush through her sister’s hair or reach for her partner’s hand. It had made the ‘husband and wife’ jabs even more annoying, but that hadn’t stopped her. She longed for touch; it brought her warmth and comfort. And for some reason, Jaune found it increasingly uncomfortable.

It had only gotten worse with time. Even by middle school, hugs had become increasingly sparse, as her growing breasts hurt if they were pressed the wrong way… and she was a little insecure about them. But then play fighting had gone out the window, hand holding went by the wayside, then shoulder bumps, then even being within a foot of one another. Even accidentally brushing against her caused him to wince as if she had burned him. He stopped cracking as many jokes, stopped initiating conversations with her, even started to actively avoid her. At first Yang had thought Jaune was playing an elaborate joke on her by acting as if he had finally discovered cooties in his mid teens.

It stopped being funny real f*cking fast.

Ruby had found a way to navigate Jaune’s new boundaries, found a respectable distance while still being locked in his orbit. Yang… just… couldn’t.

It wasn’t like she didn’t try, but it was so easy to follow the social currents pushing them in opposite directions, to hang out with new friends who didn’t treat her like a leper rather than an old one that did. She was a hot commodity after all, she had made plenty of fake friends and even a couple real ones. There was no blow up, no big fight, no one moment that signified the end of the friendship, but by the end of freshman year she had gone from ‘My wife, Yang Xiao Long’ to ‘my best friend’s older sister, Yang.’

People grow apart. It wasn’t Jaune’s fault and it wasn’t hers, but she couldn’t understand how things had deteriorated this much. It was something she lost sleep over, more nights than she’d like to admit. Had they ever really been close, or had Yang always just been a package deal with Ruby? The thought made her chest ache. That wasn’t true, it couldn’t be, but nothing else made sense. Jaune had been her first and best friend in the whole world and now he acted like her touch was torture and it hurt so f*cking bad.

She leaned forward so that her long, golden locks would obscure the beads of tears that were pooling against her will around her eyes. ‘Jaune.’ She thought sadly. ‘Am I really that repulsive to you?’

Yang Xiao Long was drop dead gorgeous. Jaune knew it, everybody knew it, Yang had to know it. Puberty had hit her early and hard, and even the great womanizer Mason Arc was forced to confess that ‘they didn’t make ‘em like that back when I was in school.’ She was basically the stereotypical ‘hot one’, with long, wavy golden hair, a perfect complexion, a dazzling smile, and exotic lilac eyes. And then there were her DD breasts, which she had as a teenager. And despite the jealous whispers of flatter girls, she wasn’t fat, either, she was objectively one of the fittest girls at Beacon, tall, voluptuous and leggy, with a firm, narrow waist and wide, childbearing hips, and Jaune had to stop thinking along those lines if he wanted to remain sane. Which Yang made difficult.

Because not only was she gifted with the body of a fertility goddess, but she was shameless in showing it off. She took a ruler to every pair of shorts and every skirt she owned, to ensure they were exactly as long as the school required and not a millimeter more, much to the consternation of the deans and teachers who dared to double check her work. She would bare her midriff whenever the occasion allowed, and even without her conscious effort her bust would strain any top trying to contain it.

Jaune noticed Yang was staring out into space and his eyes took to opportunity to run over her long, smooth legs that went on for days and led straight into a full, heart shaped ass that was straining against her jean shorts and ‘f*ck dude, look at the road.’

Not to say that Jaune’s fire wasn’t stoked by other girls, the coals burned hotter every day, but Yang had been one of the first and worst offenders. Even being near her was an exercise in intense self control- she made it too easy to fail.

Nora was hardly better. Her bust wasn’t quite as big but it was one of the more impressive around and it was plenty visible at the moment. She was also pretty fit and had a nasty habit of wearing miniskirts. The only reason most people didn’t put her at Yang’s tier was because Nora played up the basket case angle hard early on and was able to market that well enough to distract her peers from just how many curves shorty had packed into her petite frame. Considering teenage boys were involved, that was a f*cking accomplishment.

Ruby was dry, and though she stood an inch taller than Nora her figure was less developed, though she was already sporting respectable B-cups. She was also a talented distance runner, with toned legs and thighs and an ever expanding rear that more and more men were starting to notice. But she was so sweet and innocent, and-

“Jaune.” She cried. “I’m getting close.”

His throat tightened.

“Jaune.” Ruby said. “ We’re getting close. Do you think we’ll make it?”

Jaune bit his lip. “Class starts in… 6 minutes.” He said, looking down at the clock. “Gonna sprint for it?”

Ruby nodded, as if it were the most natural thing in the world.

If Amber was an 8, Ruby, Nora and Yang were all perfect 10s, no questions asked. In his dreams, he could never remember the names of his partners, but he saw some of their faces during the day and from the fragments that were lodged in his brain it wasn’t hard to put the pieces together. The girls in the car were frequent stars in his nightly slide show, naturally. Of all the women he knew he’d put maybe a baker's dozen in their league, present company included, but while they were his toys during the night the flashes of memory were crippling during the day. Ever ask the girl in front of you for a pencil only for her to turn around and remind you exactly what her face looks like when she comes, despite the fact that you haven’t actually f*cked her yet?

‘Yet?’ he thought wildly. ‘Why the f*ck am I saying yet?’

He turned his focus away from the girls and towards the other male in the car. Ren was built like a f*cking twig.

No, that was the shadow talking. Ren wasn’t built like the men in the pit, but they either had years of training or drug enhanced bodies, sometimes both. ‘And if they can’t f*cking touch me, mortals like Ren are just outclass-’

Lie Ren was his closest male friend, not that Jaune’s shadow gave a sh*t. He was a boy of average height and lean build, with pink eyes, black hair and a hell of a poker face, with Eastern Mistrali features. He was unusually handsome, in a pretty boy sort of way, and it was obvious to everyone except for Ren himself that Nora was smitten with him, though he had other admirers. He thought about the Nora that haunted his dreams, and compared her to the smiling girl with eyes for the closest thing he had to a brother. Could he really ever come between them?

‘Ren can have sloppy seconds, if gets on his knees and begs real nicely.’

‘Treat others as you want to be treated.’ His mother’s voice chided.

‘Man’s greatest joy is to slay his enemy, plunder his riches, ride his steeds, see the tears of his loved ones and embrace his women.’ Jaune didn’t even know where that one came from but it seemed a lot more viscerally appealing.

‘What the f*ck am I turning into?’ Jaune thought despairingly, as he pulled into the school parking lot.

Nora was the first to hop out. The rain had petered out into a slow drizzle.

“I still don’t get why you got such a big car.” Nora said, looking over the white van with two golden crescents emblazoned on its side. Jaune had bought it for himself with his savings, didn’t have to negotiate with anyone when he was picking it out.

“The back is big enough to fit a mattress.” Jaune said nonchalantly.

Ren rolled his eyes while Nora guffawed. “Jaune, you dog!”

He sighed. “ I didn’t mean it like that. I meant I'll still have a place to sleep whenever Qrow decides to throw me out.”

You could hear a pin drop after that. Or a raindrop, which the group heard several of.

“Gotta move to beat the bell.” Ren said, as the others nodded and began jogging over to the school. Ren and Nora hung together and went on ahead even though the four had the same first period. Yang shot off in a completely different direction. Ruby kept pace with the blond with an inquisitive look on her face.

Ruby broke the silence. “Jaune… I’ve wanted to ask for a while… but…”

Jaune looked at her encouragingly as they neared the other students inside the hall. “Shoot.”

“It’s about your… family crest.” She squeaked. “After everything, I just don’t understand why you-”

“Would paint it all over the only thing that’s mine?” He asked.

Ruby nodded.

Jaune lowered his voice so that only Ruby could hear. “ Because someday, I’m going to get in that car, and just start driving. And once I get to a place where someone looks at me sideways, points to the crest and asks, ‘what the hell is that?’, that’s when I’ll know that I’ve found the place I want to spend the rest of my life.”

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