Baroque Violin Shop Cincinnati Oh (2024)

1. Baroque Violin Shop

  • 1038 W. North Bend Road

  • The Baroque Violin Shop offers professionally set­up, high quality instruments for rent or purchase, at competitive prices.

2. The Baroque Violin Shop | Cincinnati OH - Facebook

  • The Baroque Violin Shop, Cincinnati. 5805 likes · 13 talking about this · 507 were here. The Baroque Violin Shop is a specialty strings shop ...

  • See posts, photos and more on Facebook.

3. The Real Deal: Paul Bartel of Cincinnati's Baroque Violin Shop

4. Location - Baroque Violin Shop

  • Baroque Violin Shop is located at 1038 W. North Bend Rd. Cincinnati, OH 45224. Visit our shop for your rental, purchase or repair needs.

5. Baroque Violin Shop - Finneytown, OH - Alignable

6. Baroque Violin Shop owner Paul Bartel was an enthusiastic ...

  • 31 jul 2019 · The violinist, music educator, owner of the Baroque Violin Shop and founder of the Wyoming Fine Arts Center is remembered by Cincinnati's music ...

  • Paul Bartel was passionate about strings and equally passionate about sharing his love of classical music with students. The violinist, music educator, owner of the Baroque Violin Shop and founder …

7. Baroque Violin Shop - Cincinnati, OH - Nextdoor

  • 13 Faves for Baroque Violin Shop from neighbors in Cincinnati, OH. Connect with neighborhood businesses on Nextdoor.

8. Baroque Violin Shop - 1038 W North Bend Rd - Foursquare

  • Open in App. Download the App. Search. Baroque Violin Shop. Music Store. Category icon · 1038 W North Bend Rd (at Ridgefield Dr), Cincinnati, OH 45224, United ...

  • Music Store in Cincinnati, OH

9. Baroque Violin Shop, Cincinnati - OH - Map | Roadtrippers

  • Baroque Violin Shop · US · Ohio · Cincinnati. Save.

  • The Baroque Violin Shop is a professional strings specialty shop specializing in high-quality rentals, sales, and repairs.

10. Careers at Baroque Violin Shop - SmartRecruiters

  • Jobs at Baroque Violin Shop. Employees can work remotely. Browse by: Location. Cincinnati, OH. 1 job. Bookkeeper. Full-time. Go back to top. powered by. Cookies ...

  • Careers at Baroque Violin Shop. Find Great Talent with Career Pages. | powered by SmartRecruiters | Find Great Talent with a Career Page.

Baroque Violin Shop Cincinnati Oh (2024)
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