Dataset - (2024)

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From Natural Resource Management (NRM) Regions 2010 From Natural Resource Management (NRM) Regions, 2014 From Regional vegetation communities for the Namoi Catchment Management Authority From Surat cumulative management area From Northern Territory Groundwater Management Units 20140630 From Queensland Regional Ecosystems From Gippsland land use Australian Collaborative Land Use Management, March 2010 From Budget 2015-16 and Portfolio Budget Statements (PBS) - Tables and Data From Budget 2014 -15 and Portfolio Budget Statements (PBS) - Tables and Data From Bioregional_Assessment_Programme_Catchment-scale Land Use Management (CLUM) From Plantation Forests Public Land Management(PLM25) DEPI GIP 201410 From SA Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources (DEWNR) Water Manag... From Potential Groundwater Dependent Ecosystems for West Gippsland Catchment Manag... From Potential Groundwater Dependent Ecosystems for East Gippsland Catchment Manag... From Flood Extent 100 year extent West Gippsland Catchment Management Authority GI... From Galilee Recharge Cenozoic Alluvium Regions v01 From MBC Assessment unit codified by regional watertable From Illawarra Region BIO Map Corridors 20150430 From Victoria Regional CMA - Water Asset Information Tool - WAIT databases From 2016 SoE Biodiversity Overall expenditure on biodiversity management by the A... FAQs

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Dataset - (2024)


What does SA mean in Australia? ›

South Australia (commonly abbreviated as SA) is a state in the southern central part of Australia.

Is South Australia a good place to live? ›

Unsurprisingly, South Australia's capital is a hidden gem of indigenous culture and a perfect metropolitan city to live, study and raise a family. From top-notch schools, universities, spacious homes and high-quality healthcare facilities, the region has everything to boost your living standard.

What state is Adelaide in? ›

What is the structure of the South Australian government? ›

The South Australian Parliament is based on the British Westminster system of Parliamentary Government. The Government is formed by the party or grouping having the majority of the seats in the House of Assembly, or by a coalition (the combination of parties to form a majority).

Where does SA stand for? ›

Countries and territories

It is the official two letter shorthand for Saudi Arabia. It is the official state abbreviation for South Australia. It is used to mean Saline County, Kansas. It is sometimes used to refer to South Africa.

What is the full meaning of SA? ›

1 Abbreviation for société anonyme. It appears after the name of a French, Belgian, or Luxembourg company, being equivalent to the British abbreviation plc (i.e. denoting a public limited company). 2 Abbreviation for sociedad anónima. It appears after the name of a Spanish public company.

What language do they speak in South Australia? ›

South Australian English is the variety of English spoken in the Australian state of South Australia. As with the other regional varieties within Australian English, these have distinctive vocabularies. To a lesser degree, there are also some differences in phonology (pronunciation).

What is the richest town in South Australia? ›

Roxby Downs, home to BHP Billiton's Olympic Dam site, is the wealthiest South Australian town while Sydney's harbourside suburb of Kirribilli is the richest in New South Wales.

Why is South Australia famous? ›

South Australia prides itself on nurturing a diverse cultural experience: from food and wine through to hosting outstanding world-class art, cultural and sporting events. Food & wine South Australia is globally renowned for its wineries, eateries and fine produce.

Which US city is most like Adelaide? ›

With so many similarities between them, the decision for the Adelaide, and Austin, Texas, USA to become sister cities in 1983 was easy.

What is Adelaide known for food? ›

King George whiting, Coffin Bay oysters, and king prawns are just a few of the most commonly served seafood in Adelaide. The oysters are typically eaten raw in the half-shell but you can get them grilled or fried as well. Whiting is often served whole as a snack or filleted and fried.

What is the nickname for the South Australians? ›

'Crow-eaters' for South Australians is still commonly used, and refers to the magpie on the coat of arms. 'Top Enders' for those from the Northern Territory is heard occasionally.

Which political party is in power in South Australia? ›

Elected Premier

The one-term incumbent minority Liberal government, led by Premier Steven Marshall, was defeated in a landslide by the opposition Labor Party, led by Opposition Leader Peter Malinauskas. Marshall conceded to Malinauskas about three hours after the polls closed.

Who is the premier of Adelaide? ›

The Hon Peter Malinauskas MP is the 47th Premier of South Australia.

Who runs the South Australian government? ›

Current ministry
MinisterPortfolioParty affiliation
Peter Malinauskas MPPremierLabor
Susan Close MPDeputy Premier Minister for Industry, Innovation and Science Minister for Climate, Environment and Water Minister for Workforce and Population StrategyLabor
13 more rows

What does "sa" mean in slang? ›

If the context is something sexual or potentially sexual it most likely is referring to sexual assault.

What does SA mean for girls? ›

Published Sep 17, 2023. The abbreviation "SA" stands for "sexual assault." So, "Girl SA'd" means that a girl was sexually assaulted. Sexual assault is any sexual contact or behavior that is forced upon someone without their consent. It can include a wide range of acts, from touching to rape.

What does SA mean legally? ›

An S.A. is a type of business structure that establishes a company as a legal person that can own and transfer property, enter contracts, and be held liable for crimes.

What does SA crime stand for? ›

DV/SA stands for Domestic Violence/Sexual Assault.

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