Get the Best Tamales in the Country Delivered to Your Door, Courtesy of Goldbelly (2024)

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From Cootie Brown’s to Texas Tamale Company, some of the best Mexican food in the country is just a click away.


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Get the Best Tamales in the Country Delivered to Your Door, Courtesy of Goldbelly (1)

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Nothing hits the spot quite like a fresh, piping hot tamale, but they can be pretty tricky to make from scratch. And finding the sort of truly transcendent tamales in a restaurant within driving distance from your house? Even trickier.

Fortunately, there are a handful of legendary tamale joints across the U.S. that will ship their wildly delicious husk-wrapped delicacies anywhere in the country via Goldbelly. And we really do mean legendary: Think Cootie Brown’s in Tennessee, Texas Tamale Company in Houston, Fat Mama’s Tamales in Mississippi, and more.

We’ve put together a short list of some of the best Goldbelly offerings here, making it easier for you to stock up and give into those culinary cravings whenever they may strike.

Get the Best Tamales in the Country Delivered to Your Door, Courtesy of Goldbelly (2)

Johnson City, Tennessee’s beloved Cootie Brown’s makes some stellar, flavorful tamales—surrounded in tender masa and wrapped in a corn husk—and now you can get your hands on a variety of them thanks to this special sampler pack. Each pack comes with a dozen tamales in up to two of its six options: Traditional Beef (shredded beef simmered in molé sauce), Chicken (shredded all-white meat chicken breast cooked in molé sauce), Black Bean (black beans, caramelized onions, and molé sauce), Verde Chicken (all-white meat chicken breast smothered in salsa verde), Fiesta (fire-roasted corn, black beans, and roasted red peppers with molé), or Smoked Pork (smoked pulled pork in molé sauce). Plus, you get your pick of three different sauces to accompany them: verde, house, or molé.

Get the Best Tamales in the Country Delivered to Your Door, Courtesy of Goldbelly (3)

Houston’s Texas Tamale Company has been turning out top-notch tamales since the 80s (and have expanded well past the home kitchen where it all started). Now, you can get your fix from afar thanks to these special variety packs, which come loaded with 48 handmade gourmet tamales in four of its popular flavors: Mexican Beef, Black Bean, Spicy Chicken, and Pork. And while four dozen is technically enough to feed up to 15 people, we have faith that with enough gumption and dedication, you could put a significant dent in this on your own.

Get the Best Tamales in the Country Delivered to Your Door, Courtesy of Goldbelly (4)

Another Houston mainstay, Picos Restaurant is helmed by chef Arnaldo Richards (originally from Monterey, Mexico), who serves up perfected versions of his grandmother’s homestyle recipes. The restaurant originally opened in 1984 and has since become one of the best Mexican restaurants in town—one bite of the eatery’s Oaxacan tamales, and you’ll understand why. This sampler of best-sellers includes six each of: Chicken in Green Chile (corn husk-wrapped savory chicken in green chile), and Pork in Red Sauce (banana leaf-wrapped tamales with pork in red chile sauce).

Get the Best Tamales in the Country Delivered to Your Door, Courtesy of Goldbelly (5)

El Charro Café was founded in Tucson way back in 1922 (it’s still run by the same family), offering a wide variety of northern Mexican and Tucson-style Mexican dishes. This sampler pack lets you choose four tamale flavors from El Charro’s extensive line-up: Green Corn, Chicken Tomatillo, Red Chile Beef, Red Chile Pork, Vegan Hola Hemp Original, Vegan Hola Hemp Chipotle, Vegan Red Chile Jackfruit, Sunflower Chicken, Pumpkin Spice, and Vegan Hazelnut Dessert Tamales. We’re drooling already.

Get the Best Tamales in the Country Delivered to Your Door, Courtesy of Goldbelly (6)

Straight out of Natchez, Mississippi, Fat Mama’s Tamales has become a local landmark thanks to its wildly tasty homemade tamales. This pack gets you up to five dozen of its “Mississippi Tamales,” which are made with a combo of seasoned ground beef and pork surrounded by spicy masa, wrapped in a corn husk, and cooked for over three hours.

Get the Best Tamales in the Country Delivered to Your Door, Courtesy of Goldbelly (7)

Dedicated to using only organic, non-GMO corn and hormone- and antibiotic-free meat, Tucson Tamale has been dishing out delicious tamales since 2008. Now you can get their best stuff delivered straight to your own kitchen thanks to this special sampler pack, which comes with 16 assorted tamales in four different flavors: Green Chile Chicken, Green Chile Pork & Cheese, Green Chile & Cheese, and Black Bean & Cheese. And just in case you don’t have it in you to finish 16 tamales at once, no worries. These things can keep fresh in your freezer for up to a year.

Get the Best Tamales in the Country Delivered to Your Door, Courtesy of Goldbelly (8)

For more than five generations, The Hatch Chile Store has been growing and selling New Mexico’s most iconic chile. These traditional tamales are made with Hatch green chile and chicken (a particularly legendary combination), which are stuffed into fluffy masa made with stone-ground maseca (dried corn), wrapped in a corn husk, and steamed to perfection. They can be frozen for up to six months, but we have a feeling you’re going to want to eat these bad boys the second they arrive on your doorstep.

Get the Best Tamales in the Country Delivered to Your Door, Courtesy of Goldbelly (9)

We've already sung the praises of Fat Mama’s Tamales, but this list would be woefully incomplete without a mention of FM’s special tamale Party Pack. This kit comes with everything you’ll need to throw a proper tamale-centric celebration, including four dozen tamales (both ground beef and roast pork), four jars of “Fire & Ice” sweet and spicy pickles, and four bottles of Fat Mama’s “Knock-You-Naked” margarita mix. Just tell us where and when the party is, and we’ll be there.

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Get the Best Tamales in the Country Delivered to Your Door, Courtesy of Goldbelly (2024)


How many tamales per person? ›

Estimate how many guests will come to your party and for the main meal, calculate between 2 and 3 tamales per person if you're serving them by themselves except for a frothy hot chocolate, champurrado or an agua fresca. For dessert, consider 1 or 2 per person.

Can tamales be sent in the mail? ›

Your tamales will be packed in a thick-sided Recyclable EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) cooler and Techni-ICE Dry Ice Packs and dry ice to keep them cold (often frozen) , so they won't spoil during transit. Make sure to place your tamales in the freezer or refrigerator as soon as you receive them.

Does Costco sell tamales? ›

Featured on the TODAY Show and The Food Network – Texas Tamales have been a fan-favorite since they started with a street cart in 1985 and are now available to the Costco Member! Perfect for gifting to friends and family!

How to cook Texas Tamale Company? ›

Cooking Instructions for the Stovetop:

Add water just below level of the basket. Place tamales in basket open-end up if possible. Cover and bring to a boil. Steam for 15-20 minutes depending on quantity of tamales in pan.

How unhealthy is tamale? ›

The main potential nutritional drawback of tamales is that they're a source of saturated fat, which can increase cholesterol levels, per the American Heart Association.

How often do Mexicans eat tamales? ›

Although this is the day when Mexicans eat the most tamales, the truth is that tamales in Mexico are eaten all throughout the year; tamales vendors come to your door every day offering these culinary delights with a very particular sound. Did you know it?

Are tamales cooked when you buy them? ›

Everything inside the tamal is cooked, however, so if you order uncooked, you need to steam them to cook the masa (corn flour). Often times, the uncooked tamales will be cold/frozen but if they are not, it means the tamales were made a couple hours before you got them.

Are tamales eaten by hand? ›

Tamales can be eaten with your hands as a portable snack or breakfast, or they can be eaten with a fork when they are served on a plate. “As tamales usually have salsa they can be messy and crumbly to eat with your hands,” Sibley notes.

Can you bring tamales across the border? ›

You can bring chicken tamales, but you cannot bring pork meat tamales,” Ruiz said. About 75,000 people were assessed penalties across the country last year for lying on their customs declarations. CBP agents are tasked with keeping dangerous pests and diseases from entering the country.

What is the most popular tamale? ›

Tamales verdes.

The bright, herbal and spicy mix of tomatillo and green chilies pair up with chicken or pork to create the most popular tamal, whether it comes wrapped in corn or plantain.

Why are tamales so expensive? ›

The prices for the most popular protein fillings of chicken and pork and even spices for tamale-making are up. “The majority of the spices we use to give the flavor to [tamales] come from Mexico,” said Cruz. “Exporting them here has a higher price.

How do you eat Trader Joe's tamales? ›

Steam these tamales for 13 minutes. Then, plate these tamales up and drizzle a little warmed TJ's enchilada sauce on top! I like to serve this with the TJs Southwestern Style Salad and the TJs Mexican Style Corn with Cojita Cheese which tastes like Mexican street corn but just easier and less messy to eat!

Why do you put baking soda in tamales? ›

Baking powder prevents the tamales chewiness rise caused by a decrease in fat content. At a high fat content, baking powder does not cause major changes in tamales texture. In the absence of fat, the leavening agent causes a desirable tamales texture.

What do you eat with tamales? ›

What to Serve with Tamales
  1. Refried Beans.
  2. Spanish Rice.
  3. Mexican Corn.
  4. Roasted Potatoes.
  5. Bacon Wrapped Jalapeño Poppers.
  6. Guacamole.
  7. Charro Beans.
  8. Cilantro Lime Rice.
Nov 22, 2022

Do you thaw Texas tamales before cooking? ›

Tamales may be heated from a frozen or thawed state. To thaw frozen tamales, place in refrigerator for 1 day. STEAMING: Place tamales inside steamer.

How many tamales will 10 pounds of masa make? ›

For my tamaladas, where I have three friends helping, I buy 10 pounds and usually get about 60 to 70 tamales, so everyone gets at least 15 to take home with them. Make sure to ask for PREPARED masa when ordering because they also sell the unprepared version.

What is a serving of tamales? ›

Pork Tamale Caloric Content in Different Serving Sizes
Serving SizeCalories
One small tamale (approx. 100g)200 calories
1 medium tamale (approx. 150g)250 calories
1 large tamale (approx. 200g)300 calories
Jan 31, 2024

How many tamales can you steam at once? ›

Don't steam more than 2 layers of tamales at a time as this makes it difficult for the steam to reach the middle layers.

How much masa for 50 tamales? ›

How much masa do I need? This recipe only makes 1 dozen (12 tamales). To make 50 tamales: 8 cups masa harina, 7 cups broth, 5 teaspoon salt, 4 teaspoon baking powder, 2 ½ cups shortening.

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