GTA V Online Acid Lab Menu $2 Million Script for Kiddions Mod Menu 1.0.0 - Kiddions Scripts (2024)

Acid Menu script for kiddions mod menu 1.0.0


Hello everybody, this is Kiddions Acid Lab Script for $2million that works externally and can alsoi trigger the Production and also the Supplies can be brought instantly without any effor this thus adds 2 million in the account instantly this is how it works

All the Source Link for the Menu and the necessary project files are available to Below from this page. Click the Show Code button on the bottom of this page and wait until the countdown timer is finished. If you couldn’t get the Code Copied then please contact us or comment on our youtube channel. Thank you!

Step 1: Open GTA V Online Make Sure you have Loaded into Online Completely and then

Step 2 : After Saving the Script / Tool then Launch the Tool if its a Script then

Step 3 : After been Saved to your PC then copy / move the script to your Kiddions/Scripts Folder Locations and save there

Step 4 : Then Launch the Menu if its been already been Launched then Try to reload the scripts under settings tab and go through the Scripts Section

Step 5 : Then you will be able to see “Acid Lab” Below it then tap on the option

Step 6 : Then you will be able to see some options regarding the Ranks , Character max skills and many more like clear bad reports etc*

Step 7 : If you Faced any problem then make sure you comment to let us know the probelm, Thats it enjoy ^_^

menu.add_action("Bypass Cayo FingerPrint Scan", function()
local heist_script = script("fm_mission_controller_2020")
if heist_script and heist_script:is_active() then
if heist_script:get_int(2232) == 4 then
heist_script:set_int(2232, 5)

The Above Code is Just a Half Code theres a Full Code Below with a Copy Button you may use the Below one Fully and Save it as LUA

More Information :

Credits to #ZBlasterr and Alice2333Sharing the Script with us thanks for sharing with us in the Forum

in- Game Picture :

Some Screenshot During Gameplay

Download Script By Like & Commentt

OR You can Simply Press this Button Below to Go to Main Download Page

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transform: translateY(-50%) scale(1.1);
box-shadow: 0 0 10px rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.3);

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GTA V Online Acid Lab Menu $2 Million Script for Kiddions Mod Menu 1.0.0 - Kiddions Scripts (2024)


Is it safe to use the Kiddions mod menu? ›

This mod has been manually reviewed thoroughly by a forum's file moderator and is considered safe; otherwise, it wouldn't have been approved. The original copy of the modest menu will always come from a site named Unknowncheats. Any other site that may claim to have the original version of the menu is false.

How to get 1 million dollars in GTA 5 cheat codes? ›

There isn't a money cheat in GTA 5, nor is there a working money generator. If you're running low on cash in the game, there are legitimate ways to build a balance, such as completing missions, participating in heists, and using the in-game stock market to your advantage.

What is the best GTA mod menu online? ›

What is the best mod menu for GTA 5 PC? Lexis is definitely the best mod menu on the market right now, some other options are Stand which is a pretty popular option, but it does not have any money options or YimMenu if you are looking for something free.

How do you get billions of dollars in GTA story mode? ›

The easiest way to make lots of GTA 5 money is by completing Stock Market Assassination Missions issued by Lester. There are five of these in total, and if you follow the instructions on this page correctly you'll be able to earn over $2 billion, which is more than enough to allow you to buy everything in the game.

Is Kiddions mod bannable? ›

Making too much money on a daily/weekly base will likely get you banned. Try to blend in instead. Killing other players while using god mode yourself on might get you banned. Don't do that.

Is teleportation safe in Kiddions? ›

Yes, but be careful and only teleport when offradar or when there are no players around. I teleport to friends and when offradar and have not been discovered by teleporting yet.

Is GTA5 mods trustworthy? ›

Yes, the gta5 mods and lcpdfr websites are generally safe to download from.

How to get $1,000,000 in GTA Online? ›

GTA Online: Here's how to make millions in multiplayer game
  1. Begin a business with high potential and minimal investment. ...
  2. Agency Property. ...
  3. Unlock the Cayo Perico Heist by acquiring Kosatka Submarine. ...
  4. Establish a Bunker for Additional Income. ...
  5. Invest in an Aircraft Hangar for Long-Term Profit.
Feb 21, 2023

How to make $200 million dollars in GTA 5? ›

The easiest and primary way of acquiring the large sum of money needed for this achievement is by first completing the game (to ensure the protagonist of choice has enough money to carry out the method), then continuously buying and selling high value stocks on

Is it OK to mod in GTA Online? ›

Mods are not allowed in GTA Online. If your mods are not removed before going online, their system will detect them and automatically ban you. You have to remove them and make back ups for al the orignal files once you go online.

What is the most powerful thing in GTA Online? ›

There are many great weapons that players can find in the world of GTA 5, with some being more effective than others.
  • 8 Sticky Bomb. ...
  • 7 Homing Launcher. ...
  • 6 Railgun. ...
  • 5 Combat MG Mk II. ...
  • 4 Minigun. ...
  • 3 Heavy Sniper Mk II. ...
  • 2 Pump Shotgun Mk II. ...
  • 1 AP Pistol. One Of The Most Solid And Reliable Weapons In The Game.
Mar 18, 2024

How do you get money on GTA 5 story mod? ›

  1. 10 Win Street Races. Earn Almost $20,000. ...
  2. 9 Steal Cars Instead Of Buying Them. Save Thousands of Dollars. ...
  3. 8 Play The Stock Market. Earn Potential Billions of Dollars. ...
  4. 7 Rob Stores. $300 - $1,200 Per Store. ...
  5. 6 Rob Armored Trucks. $3,000 - $5000. ...
  6. 5 Bail Bonds Bounties. ...
  7. 4 Complete Random Encounters. ...
  8. 3 Story Mode Heists.

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