Lisa Robertson Engaged & Married To Jeffrey Lawrence | QVC Hosts Facts (2024)

Do you know about Lisa Robertson? She is a former QVC host, businesswoman, and fashion designer. Many of you guys know her from her days in QVC. These days, Lisa is in the spotlight among the media and TV channels as she announces her marriage. Lisa decided to get married to Jeffrey Lawrence, who is a contractor and remodeler.

It all started as a rumor and whispers, but Lisa confirmed this on social media. Her fans are happy for Lisa for her new chapter in life. Many of Lisa’s fans have been questioning lately, “Is Lisa Robertson really getting married?” and “What is the future of her brand now?”. Lisa said she has many travel plans with her husband but will also focus on her business.

You also might wonder who the man Lisa Robertson is getting married to is. Well, take a closer look at our article. We have explained every detail and tried to uncover this mystery.

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Lisa Robertson’s Married to Jeffrey Lawrence

Lisa is a former QVC host and businesswoman who runs her brand in jewelry, fashion, and home decor. She has been working in this field for more than ten years. On July 21, Lisa announced on her Facebook that she was slowly leaving her business to focus on her personal life. It shocked her fans. After this news, she gave another shock on August 2 by sharing her wedding photo with Jeffrey Lawrence. After the fans heard about the news of Lisa’s marriage to Jeffrey Lawrence, they became super excited and happy.

Lisa shared her amazing photo on Facebook wearing an elegant white wedding gown alongside her new husband, Jeffrey. She looked so beautiful and adorable in this picture.

In this photo, we can see their genuine happiness and affection for each other. After serving for QVC for this long, this is a moment to cherish for Lisa and her broad fanbase. However, she surprised everyone with this image, making it more special for Lisa’s dedicated followers.Lisa Robertson Engaged & Married To Jeffrey Lawrence | QVC Hosts Facts (1)

Jeffrey’s daughter, Samantha, also got married this summer, and now Lisa and Robertson. This time has been memorable and enjoyable for this family. These occasions highlight the deep bond and unity within their family.

Many of her fans and former colleagues congratulated her on her special moment.

Famous QVC host David Venable wrote: “Wishing You both all the best.”

And Mary DeAngelis also wrote: “Lisa, so happy for you both! Congratulations, and here’s to love and many more years together to come.”

We can clearly see that her fans and friends are very happy for her, and they really care about her.

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Lisa’s Heartfelt Message

After marrying Jeffrey, Lisa shared a heartfelt message on Facebook expressing her joy and gratitude toward this moment. She wrote:

“I found the man I want to spend my life with…and this weekend I married him. Jeff and I shared our special day with a small group of friends and family. I found a good man with a good heart who makes my heart go wild. I feel so blessed.

Her words were filled up with immense love and a growing bond with her husband.

Lisa Robertson After Marriage Life And What Is She Doing Now.

Lisa posted various posts about her marriage life. She posted an image with her husband saying:

“It’s a little crazy here right now, so we won’t have a cooking chat today, but here’s another pic from the wedding. It was a really hot day, so after the ceremony, I was glad to change into a lighter dress, and Jeff was glad to take his jacket off! Whew! I think those smiles speak for themselves.

These days, Lisa looks very happy. She often posts photos of Travelling and Christmas parties. Lisa celebrated Christmas in the Bahamas and wished her fans from there. Lisa often comes to Facebook Live with her husband to cook and chat with her fans.

She is enjoying her life very well. Although Lisa said she will be more family-oriented now, she is also focused on her business and her passions, like fashion design. She has shared some advice and ideas with her fans.

We can notice that Lisa is becoming more funny and humorous nowadays, and her fans love it. It may be because of her influence with her husband. She often shares funny posts on her Facebook, which makes her fans laugh out loud.

Her fans are thankful because she shared her trip around the world. And they are hoping to see her on other shows after she finishes her trip.

Lisa and Jeff’s pre-marriage life

You may have wondered about Lisa and Jeff’s life before marriage and how they met each other.

Well, let’s find out.

Lisa had never married earlier but was dating her trainer, Eric. Their relationship couldn’t stand out, and they broke up. Lisa has been single since then.

Talking about her husband, Jeff, Jeff was married to Kelly Lynn Hortman, an assistant loan manager at American Pacific Mortgage Group. They married on August 5, 1994. With his first wife, Jeff had two sons and two daughters. You may know about Samantha, who mostly appears in her photos and live videos with her stepmother, Lisa.

Jeff and Lisa met while Lisa was still working at QVC. One of Jeff’s children had worked with Lisa. So, that could be the reason they met each other. They immediately started liking each other, but it is not confirmed when they met each other. Anyways, we all know that they got married in July 2023.

Who is Jeffrey Lawrence in the World of Home Improvement?

Jeffrey is also a former Television personality and a contractor. He is also a skilled contractor in the Home Improvement sector who operates under the renowned Coventry Contractors based in Pennsylvania. Jeffrey Lawrence is recognized as a celebrity’s husband but has a very successful career and is a big name in his industry.

How Does Jeffrey’s Age Compare to Lisa’s?

Jeffrey was born in 1972. So, as of 2024, Jeffrey will be 52 years old. Lisa was born on November 7, 1965. So, she is currently 58 years old. This makes Jeffrey a little younger than Lisa. Despite this age difference, this couple share immense love and respect for each other and spend quality time together.

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Does Jeffrey Have Any Unique Personal Traits?

Lisa’s husband, Jeffrey, is a middle-aged and muscular man. His tattoo on his right arm tricep reveals his adventurous side. He also often appears on Lisa’s Facebook Live with his daughter, Samantha. They often do live cooking and spend quality time together.

Who Holds a Special Place in Jeffrey’s Heart?

Jeffrey is also a father to 3 children from his previous marriage. He has a daughter named Samantha, whom he loves most. In 2023, she got married in Lisa’s house. Jeffrey’s wife, Lisa, is also closest to his heart. This family often appears in live videos and chats with their fans. It seems like Jeffrey holds equal space in the hearts of all his family members.

What Do Jeff and Lisa Enjoy Doing Together?

Jeff and Lisa are an amazing couple who love to enjoy their time together. Most of the time, they appear in live videos and chats. This couple also likes traveling very much. Lisa said that she has many cruises planned with her husband. She said she will travel to Germany, Spain, and Alaska soon. They have also been to Ireland’s landscapes and the Caribbean’s beaches. Whatever they do, they enjoy their journey to the fullest.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is Jeffrey’s profession?

    Jeffrey is a renowned contractor in the Home Improvement sector who works with Coventry Contractors in Pennsylvania.

  2. How old is Jeffrey Lawrence?

    As of January 2024, Jeffrey is 51 years old.

  3. What are some of Jeffrey’s personal interests?

    Jeffrey likes boating, riding a bike, and traveling with her wife. Most importantly, he wants to enjoy his time with his family.

  4. Is Lisa Robertson engaged To Jeffrey Lawrence?

    Lisa Robertson confirmed on her social media that she is engaged To Jeffrey Lawrence.

  5. Is Lisa Robertson Married To Jeffrey Lawrence?

    Yes, Lisa Robertson is married to Jeffrey Lawrence, and the date is speculated to be around July 29th or 30th.

Final Thoughts

Looking at Lisa Robertson’s journey, we know it was inspiring. She started her career with a small step and became successful during her time at QVC, later creating her own brand. Lisa has a good husband and is entering a new chapter in her life.

Her story tells about the importance of love despite at any age, setting an example of hope and inspiration. We will see how the journey of this beautiful couple goes in the future. We wish them joy and a future filled with love and togetherness.

Lisa Robertson Engaged & Married To Jeffrey Lawrence | QVC Hosts Facts (2024)
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