Who is the most powerful marvel superhero? - Answers (2024)

Let's set down some guiding criteria:

1. The "most powerful" should be judged on *all-around* powers and abilities, including Strength, Speed, Energy("blasting", etc), Variety, Skill, and so on; in this case, someone like Ms.Marvel outweighs She-Hulk due to her ability to fly and project energy blasts, etc(even though they might be fairly equal in terms of strength).

2. They should also be judged on how integrated their abilities are to their person themselves; in such a case the Incredible Hulk's biologically impervious skin trumps Iron Man's mechanical suit of armor(even though they might be somewhat equal otherwise).

3. They should be a genuine, bona fide *Hero*; I think that this should go without saying...so, no villains allowed!

4. They should have an interest or at least some proximity to the planet Earth, or a relevance in saving it the way that a hero would do; this effectively eliminates a great many powerful "heroes" from outer space or mythology and such who don't really have anything to do with our Planet Earth, like Gladiator from the Sh'iar Imperial Guard(who was conceived as a Superman knock-off with similar powers but who doesn't make the grade here).

5. They should be somewhat of a Headliner or similar Major Character; this is a lesser consideration, but still worth something; basically, no doofs or concept characters that got used once or twice and were never played with again.

With these as the guiding criteria, then a quick run-down of some of the main contenders for "The Most Powerful Marvel Superhero" would include:

  • Wonder Man: Ionic-based powers, super-strength, flight, energy blasts, etc; he's even conquered death and returned from the grave once or twice(watch out Ghost Rider.).
  • Thor: The only "god" character, due in some part to almost everyone else being a rip-off of him, but also because their motivations might not be as noble as Thor's are; like the Sentry and with his stature, the Thunder God is basically a given on this list.
  • Captain Marvel: the greatest hero in this cosmos, who's chosen to make the earth his home; even if it's his son and not the original, the powers and the presence are still there...enough to earn at least a showing on this list.
  • Incredible Hulk: "HULK STRONGEST THERE IS!" I think hulk would have fought his way onto this list no matter what, all handicaps aside(ie: inability to fly, etc).
  • Invisible Woman: With more versatility, savvy, finesse and raw power than the rest of her teammates in the Fantastic Four combined, and whose invisible force projections have been shown to withstand even the Hulk's rampaging, I easily see her making even the Phoenix sweat in this contest.
  • Captain Universe: So similar to guys that didn't make the list, like the Beyonder; what let him slip in was his humanistic appeal in attaching to a human host...it grounded this otherwise uber-powerful character firmly to the planet Earth and to the cares of its inhabitants.
  • The Sentry: Marvel's "superman" is a given for this list...however, are his personal drawbacks and etc. enough to keep him from the top spot?
  • Ms. Marvel: raising the gender-equity of this list, Ms.Marvel is not only already powerful, but she also pushes herself harder than anybody else could ever push her; I don't think that her true potential has really been fully tapped, and a contest like this might just be enough to push her on and break her through to the other side of that barrier to claim that prize.
  • Captain Ultra: I know, i know, i know...but hear me out! Based on his demonstrated abilities, Capt U is actually one of the finer untapped heroes in the Marvel Universe and was conceived as a send-up of Superman, which shows the variety and type and scope of his powers if you're not familiar with him; his brand of humour also brings a freshness that this list lacks otherwise.
  • Silver Surfer: Like Captain Universe and Captain Marvel, this cosmic hero chose to make the Earth his adoptive home; he makes this list almost on reputation alone, never mind his cosmic abilities.
  • Phoenix: With total psionic control over her mind and body(in a manner that the similarly-powered-but-crippled Professor X does not have), Jean Grey is a definite contender here.
  • Ghost Rider: GR has proven to be able to go toe-to-toe with guys like the Hulk in terms of a fistfight(which is what earned the 'Rider a spot on this list over Dr. Strange and any other supernatural-but-not-physically-strong character), so all that remains is to see how his supernatural abilities match up against someone like the Silver Surfer, etc.

Any one of these characters can give or take with the best of them and have otherwise proven themselves to be upstanding Heroes of the planet Earth; in my opinion, you can take your pick from there...

AnswerIt is between Iron man and Hulk. Well the Silver Surfer is powerful but I will tell you why he is not in the possibilities: he can go into walls and come out without even harming the wall and shoot energy blast but he is just like a normal human when he is off his board.

Iron man can fly faster than the speed of sound he can go super sonic speed and shoot repulsor blast and missiles and the uni beam from his chest. Now if Iron man fought the Silver Surfer, Iron Man can keep shooting his repulsor blast at the Silver surfers board until it breaks or explodes now Iron Man can beat the Silver Surfer up until he dies so Iron man wins.

Now Hulk vs Silver surfer: who would win? Hulk because it may be harder for the Hulk to catch the Silver surfer since he can't fly like Iron Man but the Hulk can still do a powerful shock wave when he claps. If he keeps doing that the Silver Surfer will fall off his board and now Hulk can and break the Silver Surfers board in half and then do the same thing as Iron Man - beat the Silver Surfer up until he dies so Hulk wins.

AnswerYou said that Silver Surfer can't win because without his board he sucks. Without his suit, Iron Man is a normal man with a pacemaker. And Hulk is a weedy scientist most of the time.

Spiderman can beat anyone else because:

  • He can use web to pull Silver Surfer off his board making him normal
  • He can make the Hulk laugh which would make Hulk turn back to Bruce banner and kill him then. (He can only be the Hulk when he is angry it says it in the comics.)
  • He can pull the power source Iron Man has in his chest because without it, he's powerless
  • He can beat Night Crawler because when he teleports, Spider-Man can use his spider sense to tell where he will pop out next.
  • He can beat The Thing because he's slow and spider man could web him up into a cocoon and throw him in the sea.
  • He can beat Human Torch by making fire proof costume because of how he's a scientist and he could get human torch near water.
  • He can beat Ghost Rider because Ghost Rider only changes when it is night time.

AnswerIt's actually between Sentry, Thor, and Hulk. The most POWERFUL can theoretically be Hulk because his anger can be limitless AnswerNon Entities is between Hulk and Juggernaut

The madder Hulk gets, the stronger Hulk gets; Juggernaut is strong with unstoppable momentum. You can't really test both of their strength or find their limits

Entities is between Eternity and Captain Universe

Eternity is the embodiment of time, and possesses within itself near-omnipotent cosmic powers. Eternity's utilizes Dimension of Manifestations to great M-Body (Manifestation Body) when interacting with physical begins. When merged with Infinity, Eternity possesses the combined power of the entire space/time continuum(basically he's everything).

Although Captain Universe's power level varies from host to host; some of the Captain's powers include energy manipulation, molecular manipulation, enhanced senses and "Uni-Vision". Increases the host's powers and physical capabilities, and grants protection against extreme conditions; he can merge with hosts like Hulk or Spider-Man.

AnswerIn terms of power it's between Thor and Hulk.

Thor is a god and when he's in Asgard his power is limitless.

Hulk's strength depends on his rage which can basically have no end so neither does his strength.

And back to Mr. Spider-man.

Spider man has limits to his strength and is mortal many Marvel characters could obliterate him including Thor, Hulk, nearly any x-man, and a lot others.

AnswerI draw your attention to World War Hulk and put forward that Sentry has the power of a million exploding suns and thus is the most powerful by default. And I rest my case. AnswerA few clarifications: the Silver Surfer's Board has nothing to do with his powers. That was something for the movie only. If it is destroyed he can simply remake a new one. his powers come from the Power Cosmic which is imbued in his body, not from his surfboard.

Also, though the Hulk may be very powerful, he is still a planetary level hero. When going toe to toe with the likes of comics levels of power, beings like the Silver Surfer and Beyonder who can readily and easily match his strength level

Also, Adam Warlock's Ability to go head on with the likes of Thanos and other powerful beings of his level should gain him notoriety.

AnswerIron Man is the most powerful marvel superhero because he can create armors in any situation that can defeat any opponent. Its not true that Iron Man is nothing without his armor, he is a genius, billionaire, playboy and philanthropist. And if Iron Man's armor was destroyed during a battle, it will rebuild because of the extremis virus. And the Ultimate Iron Man armor have the abilities that can defeat any powerful creatures. AnswerHulk is not the strongest. Iron Man can make a device that can turn Hulk into a human just like what Ultron did to him in "The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes" AnswerAdam Warlock is the most EFFECTIVE hero (he tends to chess master solutions to cosmic problems, filling a sort of Marvel Cosmic Batman role), but this is about power. Superman is more powerful than Batman, and Silver Surfer is more powerful than Warlock.

Hulk is potentially stronger (going by the unlimited anger -> unlimited strength premise), so if infinite energy with an extremely limited delivery system (muscles) trumps "near unlimited" power with an extremely flexible delivery system (Power Cosmic), then Hulk. Silver Surfer would win the fight though, since the dude can move at warp speed, has the reflexes to be effective at that speed, has ranged attacks, doesn't need to breath (Hulk does), has super senses rivaling Superman, can create/destroy matter, do anything basically, etc. The idea that he needs his surfboard is just... what? No.

Sentry MIGHT be stronger than Silver Surfer, but since he lost a toe to toe fight with the Hulk, I have to rank him lower. Don't know a whole lot about him, to be fair, but "the power of a million exploding suns" sounds like untestable hyperbole, since if it were ever demonstrated, that would destroy a part of the galaxy.

Captain Universe is essentially the same as Silver Surfer in terms of power and abilities, but is more of a cosmic concept than an Earth hero.

Phoenix has more raw power than the Silver Surfer and an even more versatile delivery system (essentially imagination). Anything he can do, she can do better. However, she doesn't have NEARLY his durability, and suffers the flaws of her host. Also, like Captain Universe, she is more of a cosmic concept than an actual Earth hero.

Quasar has yet to be mentioned, and his potential is huge (Essentially Marvel's Green Lantern), but in practice he's a lot chumpier than his potential.

Thor would be a decent contender, and would not go down easily, but in the end, his limitations (speed, muscle reliance) limit his capacity, much as they do Hulk. Still, Thor could win if Surfer didn't fight smart.

Who is the most powerful marvel superhero? - Answers (2024)
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